But what else can we do?


This year we will be doing our upmost to raise as much money as we can for Marie Curie. Seeing how well we have done so far inspires us to do more for this amazing organisation. It would be excellent if we could -

  • Get someone in who is willing to do a sponsored head shave for a charity that is very close to home. We will provide 3 months FREE hair cuts whilst your hair is in the awkward inbetween growing stage, and a sponsor sheet for anyone who is interested.
  • A botox evening. Call 02921321047 for more information on this. Dominic and Alans dentist will be charging £150 and £50 of that money will be going to Marie Curie. But, we need more numbers for this to be an event. 
  • Cake sales.
  • Raffles. We do put on raffle events around christmas time as it's a great way to try and increase the total amount of money we raise at the end of the year.


Each year we do the daffodil appeal and we've had a spring window in dedication to Marie Curie Holme towers, 



27 Dalton Street



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02921 321047



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